Mobile Monitoring Software

The cell phone usage of your young child is of course a source of anxiety for you as there are a lot of things that they can do with the smart phones in their hands. That does not mean that you should never buy your kid a cell phone but you need to find ways to monitor his phone activities to stop him from misusing the features offered by the smartphones. That’s exactly what the Ever stealth app offers you. This app can be easily downloaded to your kid’s cell phone before you actually hand it over to him for the first time and easily keep a check on his phone activities without even letting him know that you are watching him.
Top features of everstealth app
* Track the location of your kid using the GPS system
* View the e-mails, SMSs, Viber as well as what’s app messages
* Record all the calls made and received
Parental control on content and location
The software gives you a selection of logging features and you can view the content that your child is accessing. The GPS monitoring feature lets you check where your child goes and how much time he spends in a particular location. The tracking locations are shown on a map so that you can exactly know the point where your child is. Well, such a feature does not just help you to spy your kid but also help you to find the phone, if he has lost it or if it has been stolen.
Keyword in any contents
It would not be easy for you to always check what your kid does on his phone. Hence, the everstealth app lets you set keyword alerts. In the sense, you can configure few keywords like sex, drugs, porn or any other danger word that you suspect your kid would use online. If an email, chat or website opens up on his phone that has the keywords, you will be notified through your account. That makes the monitoring process pretty easy.
The everstealth online account
First of all, you would have to sign in an online account to use the Ever stealth and like all other online accounts, you will be provided with a user name and password to access the account. To monitor the targeted person’s cell phone activities, you need to sign in to this online account.
The phone calls, messages, email that the targeted cell phone receives are uploaded to the online portal. Hence, you just have to sign in to your online account to get a complete picture of your kid’s cell phone activities. You will also find the photos or videos viewed or sent from the phone. You will also get a list of links that your kids visit. The calendar events or the memos in the phone can also be seen through your account. To make it easy for you, the online interface lets you filter the logs by date. So, that you do not have to go through the whole list to find out the cell phone activity on a particular day.

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