Why Mobile Selling Techniques Work

Some business ideas are too good to die. They fade into the background, but always come back. Mobile marketing is one of those famous marketing strategies. Back in 1800, the wagons used to ride from town to town selling useful or unusual wares… and quite successfully. The merchants brought items to the town residents they rarely saw in their local stores. It was a mobile store. This is possibly the most effective strategy, tried and tested for 200 years: mobile marketing. This means “taking your store to the customer.” From 1995 on, this idea has partly been replaced by the internet. Online stores are easier to maintain, and can reach a wider audience. That doesn’t mean the mobile store is dead. It always makes a comeback. Some stores are now setting up short-term kiosks or “selling stations” for 1 or 2 days at condo complexes, apartment buildings, or on college campuses. Here are ways to participate in mobile marketing, and products suited for it. Unwieldy products Not everything is easy to ship. For example, a broom isn’t worth shipping. At my condo complex, a local store set up a kiosk to sell brooms, mops and cleaning products. No one wants to haul such clumsy products in their cars. Many people bought brooms and such from this dealer, as it was easy to carry them upstairs in the elevator. The seller made a lot of money, minus the cost to rent the space for a day (if any). Ask large apartment buildings for permission to sell on their premises for an afternoon. Most will agree, as it’s a service to their tenants. You’d be surprised at the sales you can make in just a few hours. Event-specific products. You can sell swimming gear near pools. I’ve also seen kites and balls being sold at parks from mobile carts. Set up a table at conventions. Outside stadiums you can sell t-shirts for sporting events or concerts. Just make sure you get the right permits. We are permit-happy in the US, so get yours in order first. Eco-friendly furnishings Everyone wants to go green this year, but not everyone knows how. Selling “green” products in new apartment buildings will help the tenants get set-up with “eco-friendly” furnishings from the start. Promoting Services Credit card providers, internet and mobile phone services already use this technique by setting up at college campuses. You can do it too, for any service from painting to cleaning, legal advice to internet dating. You can even set up a kiosk to sign-up new customers to your website. Transport and Set-up This will depend on your product line, but most wares can be transported in a van. As for kiosks and displays, you can get these from store supply warehouses. The beauty of this marketing tool, is that it requires very little equipment. You can set up a small stand, easy to break down at the end of the day, and move from building to building. Spend 1 or 2 afternoons at each building. Arrange it in advance and put fliers on the door to advertise you’ll be there. During the actual sales event, have lots of literature and cards on hand to promote your permanent store or website. More from this contributor: The 5 Most Important Promotional Tools Building a Solid Customer Base for Your Small Business Developing a Brand for Your Small Business