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Here at Online Profit Marketing we have set a goal to bring you honest work at home opportunities that will allow you to make money on the Internet. We have personally tried and tested most of the Internet opportunities listed here or they are by Internet Marketers we trust because we have and use their products. We use the marketing tools we recommend. For most of the eBay information we have read about them, researched the Internet forums and review sites to find what works others we have. We would also like to congratulate you, because you have searched for Internet Marketing and online profit information. You want to start working from home or want to market your existing business or idea. At Online Profit Marketing we will tell you like it is. First thing is we do not offer get rich quick schemes. Over night success can happen and does on the internet. The truth is there is a lot of work and planning done before a product can be marketed, a launch and frequently a lot of money is spent. Ready to go websites that include shopping carts, templates, information on what to do with it and training can be very useful and give you a real head start in a profitable Internet business and website. However you will find yourself getting ripped off if you are unable to market them and optimize them for SEO (search engine optimization). You must be able to change and add content or you will be going up against the same products displayed the same way that buyers see every day and search engines such as Google do not like. If you want to market your existing business or product or idea you must be able to develop a profitable website. You more than likely do not want one leaving you with no alternative except to use Pay Per Click or E-Mail and if you do make sure you get training on how to do it or these methods could cost you a lot of lost money. My partner and have done a lot of these programs spending as much as $5000 on one of them only to hit a brick wall. Don’t worry its not here in fact most of the programs and the reputable web coaches/teachers we have found that work cost less than $100 and some show you “how to start making money for free”. Advanced coaching / teaching courses can cost more and so does one on one coaching programs however you need not start there unless you want to and many successful marketers do not go beyond many of these training products. We do recommend products such as 1st Promotion Pro 2, blogging, Adsense and others that work well together because of traffic conversions. We do this because traffic is money and if it does not convert it is money lost. Internet Marketing products can be good however We frequently found our selves purchasing training programs with no real information or incomplete information or regurgitated or hard to follow others gave you exactly the same product with no way to change it (with the pitch page for products this is not bad) however for most it is. The people first using them made money but an over used product can lead to a saturated expensive market. How to do Internet Marketing products that fit your learning style are good. For instance do you want a quick how too or do you want videos or audios or both? Do you want the feeling you are there with your mentor? Do you want on going teaching at no additional cost unless you want a special course? We have paid out a lot to learn these lessons but you do not need to. There is money made everyday on the Internet and many are able to work from home and not have that daily grind. There is so much to learn about marketing, building websites, SEO, web traffic, what tools really work and more. We recommend products that teach you the how too not just promise it. Our advice is to take a look at the work at home opportunities we have found and use. Not only look at them get started today with some effort and dedication your dream of having your own profit making Internet business or increasing your profits through Internet Marketing can come true and with these programs a lot of the work is already done. How much you put in is how much you will get out of it, as long as you followed the directions and do not get distracted you to can make that extra money, income that fires the boss or the really big dreams. Read and listen or watch the video’s, use them, then add more advance tools and training when you are ready. So feel free to check out our site and Check out our articles for the story behind our recommendations. back to home… Start Living Your Dreams & Enjoy Peter Nikolauson & Nancy Nikolauson

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