What Is The Most Effective Blog Content That Will Attract New Customers?

Your goal is simple. Create blog content that will attract new customers to your brand and your company. As you pursue this goal, you probably have many questions regarding the actual content of your blog. Consider the following: What content is the best content that will attract new customers to my website? How frequent do I need to post content? Is there content I should avoid? Is it bad to repeat content over time? How personal should the content be? How does my content drive potential customers to my website? How does my content help potential customers buy into my brand and decide to buy from me? We will answer all of these questions as we dive into the best kind of content that leads to more sales for your business. Content Substance When deciding on the substance of your content (a.k.a. what the heck should I write about?), there are three things you want your content to accomplish. Each piece of content should address all three. 1. Your content should drive new customers to your website through search engine channels. This will help you find new customers. 2. Your content should establish trust and demonstrate expertise in your field. This is vital to convert a visitor into a customer. 3. Your content should offer insight into your customers’ areas of interest. This will convert your website from a business card to a trusted resource. This will help reinforce your brand to current customers and will drive new customers to your site through word-of-mouth. Content Frequency This subject really depends on your targeted audience. For just about all corporate blogs, your content does not need to be very frequent. Most of your customers are not surfing the web all day and are likely to not check your site every day. If you provide a new piece of content every week, you are ahead of the game. For your business, quality is way more important than quantity. Do not adhere to the typical blogging advice out there that says you need to post every day or almost every day. This advice is not for business blogs but is for news, social, finance blogs . Once your blog is setup, it should not take up more than an hour or two a week of your time. The last thing you need as a small business owner or salesman is to create something else that will suck up all your time. For many businesses, once a month might be enough if each piece of content is of sufficient length and of high quality. For others, perhaps a few times a month is best. Content Ideas To help you get started or to help you get past writer’s block, I’m here to help you come up with some ideas for some blog posts on your business website. Consider the following questions: 1. Have you or your company overcome any unique challenges recently? Perhaps, you had a different type of client that created a new challenge you don’t typically face. You could describe this challenge and how your company overcame it to provide a successful experience for your customer. 2. How is your industry or market changing? How is your company driving this change? How are you responding to this change? What should your customers be aware of as the environment goes through this transformation? 3. Do you have any new offerings or methods that will help your customers cut costs and save money? Customers are always looking to save money, especially in today’s soft economy. 4. Have you been recognized by any associations or individuals for your performance? Discuss with your customers through a blog post what you did to be recognized for such an achievement.

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