Tips To Stay Fit And Motivated By Using Recumbent Spin Bike

A recumbent bike has a sitting place with back-rest and this is the main difference between it and a spinning bike. Also recumbent spin bike is easily moveable, ergonomically designed and have a lightweight flywheel. If you have not exercised before or suffering from obesity, then recumbent spin bike is for you. You can comfortably push the pedals while keeping your back straight. Like regular spin bikes, recumbent bikes also come handy when it comes burning out calorie pretty fast.

* Learn the proper posture

Learning the posture while riding a recumbent bike is the single most important thing that you can do to your body. As recumbent spin bike comes with a back rest, your spine should be always rested against and straight. You can keep your hands closely while holding the handlebar or you can place them apart. But in both the cases, maintaining the straight posture is needed. Also you shouldn’t lean forward or side-to-side while pedaling. It may cause strain on your muscles.

* Don’t neglect the important of warm up

Warming up is a must before you start spinning. Even a 5-minute warm up session can prepare your body for a rigorous work-out. You can warm up while sitting on the bike or standing on the carpeted floor. Simple stretching will do. This process works great to making your muscles more flexible, so that they can respond well while you are riding the bike. Your body tissues also become more receptive when you go through a light and easy warm up session.

* Keep a fitness diary

Write down your 15 day target in that fitness diary and then break it down for each day. If you are able to form a good rapport with your instructor then also you can show it to him for suggestion. A cutting-edge recumbent spin bike comes with console that shows you the per hour calorie burn out. Taking help of this again will boost up your keeping the record.

* Don’t skip or give excuses

It would be best if you give 300 minutes per week for recumbent spinning. If it seems too unachievable, then at least spend 225 minutes each week. Read health blogs or take help of social media to learn about the weight loss journey of others to keep yourself motivated. Do not skip the exercise class or give excuse like headache or hangover or stomach upset, if it’s not happening to you in real.

* Slowly enhance the level of resistance

Though a recumbent spin bike is merciful on your joints and keeps you inside your comfort zone, you must increase the level of resistance gradually. This should be the last step of your fitness goal while you are onto a recumbent bike. Obviously, a learned instructor will guide you how to do it or most importantly, whether you are able to do it, but you have to give it a try. As you make it more difficult to push the pedals, the more stamina your legs and muscles will generate. If you bit by bit push your stamina, it will also toughen you up mentally. Recumbent spin bike riding is all about physical as well as mental fitness and you must extricate the full advantage. Exercising with a recumbent spin bike is lots of fun. It’s exciting, creative and whether you do it in a class or at your home- you will always have a whale of time. Maintaining the right posture while riding, consistency and complimenting it with a good lifestyle are some of the secrets behind super fitness. Before you start off, you can watch some YouTube tutorial videos about recumbent spin biking for inspirations. The other articles may you concern, as this is by:

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