Things to do right after “grabbing” an Apple Watch

Right after owning an Apple Watch, this will be the right thing to do to take advantage of it. Besides the iPhone, “grabbing” an Apple Watch is not too difficult for the current standard of living for the majority of technology users. Besides basic features such as alarm clock and notification display, Apple Watch is also equipped with advanced features such as health monitoring, weather conditions warning, … If this is the first time you own an Apple Watch, the following will be suggestions for what you need to do with it. As follows.

Connect Apple Watch to iPhone

Apple Watch is only designed to connect and use with the iPhone, so after you “grab” an Apple Watch, the first thing you need to do is to say it to iPhone. Making the connection is quite simple, just start the Watch app on the iPhone. Then click on the My Clock tab and click on the Pair new clock option and follow the instructions. The pairing process will come with some basic setup steps, be sure to follow along so that the process of synchronizing data between Apple Watch and iPhone is carried out smoothly.

Manage watch lists on Apple Watch

By default Apple Watch will provide users with a number of watch faces depending on the WatchOS version that it is operating. You can proceed to delete or rearrange the list of watch faces by clicking the Edit option on my Watch face option. The list of watch faces appears, you can adjust the position of each face you want to delete by clicking on the red circle icon at the top. Then click on Delete to delete the watch face of your choice.

Adjust the shortcuts on the watch face

The watch faces in the Apple Watch will have feature shortcuts, the app is set up to be customized. If you want to customize it, click directly on the watch face you want in my Watch Face list. The interface of the watch face adjustment page will appear. Depending on the watch face there will be separate settings, and you can proceed to adjust according to your preferences. After the adjustment is complete, if you want to set this watch face as the default, scroll down to the end of the line and click the option Set as the current watch face.

Adjust the application layout

Unlike the iPhone, the main screen contains all Apple Watch apps named Layouts. And they are quite messy. Therefore, to adjust the layout so that it is convenient to use, you can access the Application layout option. Application layout will appear, you just drag and drop applications into place according to your preferences. The change will take effect immediately on Apple Watch.

Activate advanced features

The Apple Watch comes equipped with some pretty advanced features and it may be turned off by default. Therefore, please take a moment to explore and turn it on if needed in the General settings option. There are some features such as: The directing feature and turns on the Apple Watch screen when the user hands up or rotates Crown in General Settings> Turn on the screen. Features turn Apple Watch into an alarm clock at the bedside in General Settings> Bedside mode. Features Apple Watch screen capture by pressing 2 Digital Crown buttons and side buttons in General settings> Turn on screen images.

Adjust the font size

If your Apple Watch is a 38mm version, you will see that the screen is quite small and by default, the message content will be too annoying. Therefore, you should adjust the font size to feel “fit” to the screen of your Apple Watch to be more comfortable in viewing the message content by dragging the font size slider in India. Bright & Font Size. Adjust notifications from the application By default, Apple Watch will display all app notifications from iPhone. Therefore, if you only want the Apple Watch to display some notifications from a specific application, you can adjust them on / off in the Notification option.

Set a password for Apple Watch

To ensure security, it is better to set a password for the clock. By knowing if someone will use your Apple Watch to use information from the iPhone you own. Setting a password for Apple Watch is simple, just go to the Password and click the Enable Password option. Then press the password you want to set for the clock and confirm it is done. When you remove the watch from your hand and want to wear it again, you need to enter the password to access the applications on the Apple Watch.

Add a watch face to the Apple Watch

To add new watch faces to Apple Watch, visit the clock face tab, click on the watch face you like. Make adjustments to the clock settings as you like and press ADD to finish. The above is a suggestion of some things to do immediately after “buy” an Apple Watch, hopefully this article will be useful for you.