Spending review and tuition fees: no increase at the University of Eastern

The students of the ‘ University of Eastern Piedmont “Amedeo Avogadro” , which are fluoroscopic or keeping up with the schedule, can rest easy, at least for the academic year 2012/2013 : tuition fees will not be any increase, unlike was recently decided by the decree on the spending review. “Despite the heavy sacrifices that we have to do in any case – says Cesare Emanuel, pro-rector of the university – it did not seem right further burdening families with the increase in tuition fees. ” On the other hand, the Avogadro for some time has made the decision to meet their students: “It has always existed, in fact, the limit of 20 per cent – continues to define the pro-rector. The relationship between student contributions and fund ordinary financing (FFO) “, but in the case of the University Piedmont has managed to remain even below this threshold, attestation to 18.49 percent, and” found elsewhere in the necessary resources for the functioning of the university “. Rather satisfied with the decision taken by leaders of the University of Eastern Piedmont is the commissioner for Vocational Training of the Piedmont Region, Claudia Porchietto : “I hope said that other universities will follow the example Piedmont, in fact I would like to make an appeal in this sense to protect all our families. “The commissioner does not shy away from expressing a negative opinion against what was established by decree on spending review: “Personally explains. I think the possibility of increasing tuition fees Monti launched by the government to be a strategic error, already charges for fluoroscopic and are not excessively high. ” The decree on the spending review sets out, in fact, the increase of tuition fees for students fluoroscopic, according to the limits and criteria to establish the Ministry of Education. In addition, possible increases are also planned for the members who are in good standing with the times, but in excess of 40 thousand euro ISEE family. For those who do not reach this amount, however, you can “touch up” fees only in proportion to inflation.

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