Samsung Instinct HD Product review

With the HD in the end, Samsung Instinct HD is a mere follow up to its predecessor that premiered last year. With the HD accompaniment, it is obvious how the developers wanted to bring forth the high definition experience even through your phone. But did they succeed in doing so? Find out more below. Overview Upon first impression, one could easily mistake Samsung Instinct HD with any other mobile phones in the market today. It consists of a mainly black exterior with silver accents on the sides and edges. However, one must not be deceived by its looks as this phone model actually packs a lot of punch into its thin and lightweight body. In fact, you can easily use this phone with your single hand and that is just the start for all the conveniences that this phone can introduce to your life. The device comes with a perfectly smooth front panel and the typical call/disconnect button have been replaced with a touch-sensitive pad that makes executing these functions even more precisely. You can see buttons and ports on either sides of the body. On the left side, you can access the voice command and voice control options. On the right side, you can access the video out, camera shutter button, and sync/charge port. At the top of the Samsung Instinct HD unit are the power/lock button and the headphone jack. One interesting bit of feature on the Samsung Instinct HD is the lack of a QWERTY keyboard due to its emphasis on the multimedia experience over messaging functions. Hence, those who are used to this keyboard layout might have to overcome a learning curve before you can use it with ease. As for the performance, one would be quick to realize that this isn’t actually as intimidating of a smartphone as it initially appears. Launching applications or doing basic functions are pretty basic. Some users have complained about the smartphone’s interface but once you had it figured out though, it should be pretty easy performing some applications. Pro’s There are a few shining moments for this smartphone that makes the usage experience quite of a treat: • The screen is impressive and the overall build makes it look sophisticated. • The camera is easily accessible and produces great quality photos, for those who love to capture memories most of the time. Con’s Here are some of the drawbacks to using the Samsung Instinct HD that will make you want to rethink your decision to make a purchase: • The battery life is a cause for concern and given that this phone model emphasizes multimedia functions over messaging, then you can be prone to being caught with a dead battery. • Surprisingly though, even the quality of the video taken through the phone aren’t that impressive. Even the voice quality is a bit substandard. • The virtual keyboard is nearly unusable and quite complex to figure out. Final Thoughts To determine whether you must buy Samsung Instinct HD is all about personal preference. It comes with fabulous graphics and impressive screen but there are also a lot of issues involved with other functionalities. If you are willing to deal with those issues mentioned above, then you have no problem having fun using this smartphone model anyways.

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