PlayStation Network Start Up 48 Hours Later

It has been 48 hours since Sony announced the return of the highly popular PlayStation Network and it has been an interesting time during those 48 hours. The PSN is not fully returned to active duty, especially in Japan where the government has stopped Sony from returning the service to the residents. There are some other Asian countries as well where it has been reported that things have been delayed though that information is more of a rumor than actual facts at the moment. There were sporadic reports of minor issues with a high volume of password changes forcing Sony to restart some servers to clear things up. Other than the major problems of select countries in Asia not having the PlayStation Network available, things seem to have settled down late today and the gaming community has returned to the PSN and playing games. The Sony store is still down and is not surprising as that is where credit card information would need to be used, so they are more than likely still working on things in an effort to secure that area further. Sony has recently posted an update on their blog that provides information as to questions that people may have. In usual Sony style, it provides no details as to where everything is at on the restoration of services and any current problems. That is the pattern they have done throughout and there is no reason to expect a change in that policy now. Sony has launched a “Customer Appreciation Program” to compensate the gaming community for the hardships they have caused with the hacking event and with the prolonged down time of the network. Tweets are talking about Sony allowing users to download 2 games from a list of 5 as a Welcome Back package. There may be other offerings, but for the moment, we are not going to hear anything more from Sony until the entire network has been returned. The Tweets on this regarding problems have greatly diminished and the few that are there are related to not receiving an email notification or some other problem that might be there in a normal situation. It does appear that after 48 hours, that with the exception of a few countries, everything has returned to stable gaming environment for the millions of users of the network. It may take them a few more days to resolve the issues with various countries in Asia, including Japan before they can say that the worldwide gaming system has been restored for the purpose of gaming. There are still many more activities for them to complete for the PlayStation Network, including the return of the Sony store for purchases. But for now, the PSN is available for the vast majority of users to play games.

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