Photos reveal new smartphone ahead of launch: HTC lacking idea

As expected, on 12/4, the HTC 10 is officially unveiled. However, ahead of its launch, real images of this product has leaked. While the phone carrier of Taiwan (China) are gradually preparing to announce product new smartphone HTC 10 (HTC One M10), then on GSM Helpdesk – a informatic portal of the Netherlands – recently, it is surprised for or did they get information and the authentic image of this handset. Only it’s not even 24 hours anymore is a portrait of the HTC 10 is officially unveiled. But ahead of its premiere it was soon revealed photos, even leaking the entire details of HTC 10 configuration. A question arises as why does technology firms HTC leak early information, photos of new smartphone product like that? Remember back to April in last year, when the company unveiled the HTC One M9, this product also leaked photos before being introduced. Perhap this is a PR trick, advertising for new products of HTC. If that’s true then it seems like the tech firms of Taiwan, this is not only in recession but also a poor idea. Last year, HTC One M9 product after the launch has provoked the frustration about technology. If you take this product to compare with those the counter phone at the same time, other phones like Samsung, then it is not equal. About tactical PR, advertising also wrongs to soon to reveal the authentic image of the M9. That leads to results HTC only sold 5 million of One M9 in the first 3 months since this product officially hit shelves. Recently, the sales of HTC continuously decline. Dismal business forced the company to focus investment for launching a new high breakthrough model for draging the customer to continue support. HTC 10 is considered to be such products. Phone carrier Taiwan claims this will be the flagship of this company in this year, even confirms HTC 10 will have camera and performance the best in the world, far beyond the flagship is the head of the ranking table today as the iPhone 6S, the Galaxy S7 Edge. In particular, even the name of the generation phone, next the HTC One M9 is also changed according to intended to emphasize the especially it. With a product that is top notch is being leaked early images and information seems to be a mistake by HTC. When the product One M9 to reveal the picture ahead of its launch and was not successful last year, HTC 10 is also perfectly capable of falling into the same. Does HTC have really poor idea or this is a commercial of this company need to wait when this product is officially announced. However, just this February, the leader of HTC has ever admitted the failure is due to the weakness in the smartphone segment high level. According To Baodatviet.