Local website Seo Tips

As the traffic over internet increased and more people starts using search engine to find useful information, use of local search engine now getting importance and the usage of local search also continues to rise. For any website or service provider who is servicing local or limited geographical area, should think seriously for local search engine optimization. What is local search? Local search involves the use of specific and specialized search engines, commonly know as directory, which is specifically created to focus on a selected geographic region to find local businesses and websites focused on your area. Local search directory works in a manner where users select their location, and narrow their search by categories till they find the listing they want. Some how Google is also working as local search directory, when you search Google using geographic modifier or search phrase like “outsource bookkeeping Brisbane” , the map comes up with results specific to that location. You can also take it one step further and search Google Local specifically. Many local web directories provide basic free listing with paid advantage listing option. Now the question arises where to get listed? There are few places which any local service providers certainly don’t want to miss such as Google Local. You start continuous searching with search phrase like “Australian business directory” to got list of local directories. There are 5 main factors you need to consider when choosing to submít to a local search directory. 1. Location of your business : What geographic regions does the directory serve? Do they serve your location? 2. Does a relevant business category exist? When you navigate to your appropriate category, are the other business listings relevant to your business? Some local directories may focus only on one industry, such as hotels. If the theme of the directory will not cater to your industry, you certainly don’t need to be listed there. 3. How much does the directory charge? If it is free, it’s most likely worthwhile. If there is a cost associated with the listing, you need to know more to find out if it’s money well spent (which is where the next two points come in). 4. Does this directory have much traffic? The quickest way to get a rough idea on this is to check their Alexa rating. Alexa is a rough indicator of how busy a site is, the busier the site, the closer their ranking will be to 1. If the site looks like it has very limited traffic, then you need to find out if the listing will have any SEO benefits if you are to spend any money here. (A low traffic free directory is likely still worthwhile however.) 5. SEO Will your listing help you with your organic rankings? This is relatively simple to find out. You want to first check the Google Page Rank for their home page. If it is low (less than 5) then this is not one of the major directories. If it is between 5 and 10, then they likely have some authority. Next check the page your listing will actually reside on. Is this page indexed by Google, and does it have any Page Rank? If so, is the link back to your site search engine friendly?

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