Is it real that the mankind are living in an stimulated universe?

Scientists are arguing whether we humans are living real or only exist in a simulated universe, same as characters in video games are extremely sophisticated. The debate has been going on for years about how “truth” our universe. But until recently, Neil deGrasse Tyson and new collection of eminent scientists attempt to devise hypotheses and ways to test questions that are not answered above. The discussion at The museum of natural history of New York city (Usa) is located in events including a series of activities named Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate – is held annually to remember the author of science fiction Isaac Asimov. Accordingly, a parts of the researchers said that the only review on mathematical evidence, then our lives can be nothing other than an video game. Neil deGrasse Tyson once wrote a post titled “Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation”, in which, only if this universe is a simulation model, we can measure predictable physical limits – we also can not escape the nature of simulation. If the limit of physics is to find out, it can prove this is not true. Daily Mail said, when be questioned whether that idea he has made this scientist fear or not, she asserts: “Oh no, I just think it’s an interesting idea”. Max Tegmark, cosmologist at The Massachusetts Institute of technology, said: “If you look at the way the quarks (sometimes called quac seeds, is a fundamental particle level, and is a basic component of matter) move, all the rules belong to mathematics”. This means the base and the sign reveal the types of life in the universe can be digitized. “It made me wonder if I was a character in the game start asking big questions about the world of my games, I’d discovered rule is bold mathematics”, James Gates, the theoretical physics at the University of Maryland continued. Although he does not believe in the idea there but was convinced by the math knowledge of himself when he agree with Max Tegmark. He joked: “why did I choose the study of particle supersymmetry, quarks and leptons? Because of them I noticed myself, can’t say people like character Max (in the film Mad Max) crazy again”. So the idea there anyway also not completely meaningless. Meanwhile, Lisa Randall from the University of Harvard, not even a little bit believe in the assumption universe “virtual”. This scientist said that it only has meaning when we can test. “We actually at a level almost indistinguishable from (real or in game). So I think the interesting question here is why do we feel like this (humanity is in space simulation) is true or think it is true what to do?”. Max Tegmark says that about 17% of this universe is virtual also Randall confirms this universe it’s 100% true. Meanwhile, a philosophy professor at New York University, is also involved for comments. This person said that the question of whether we are in a simulation is a modern version of the question of Descartes about the nature of reality. He asserted in the language philosophers: “We will not find to be convincing evidence that we are not in a simulation, because any evidence will also be simulation”. Every person has their own ideas, but those who follow the hypothety of universe where we live there is no truth relate the cosmic black hole swallowed up everything around like a section of computer memory is collected into and contained in 1 chip. According to Kham Pha