How to send Facebook PC posts to your phone

Sharing and sending articles to others now has many different ways besides copying the link, which is to use the QR code. QR codes are now commonly used, which is available on some operating systems or have different QR code scanning applications. To share Facebook posts from computer to phone, we can also use the QR code included in each article. The function of creating QR codes for posts has been used on computer Facebook so you can send them to others easily. The following article will guide you how to send Facebook posts from your computer to your phone. Instructions for sending Facebook posts on PC to phone Step 1: At the post you want to send, we click on the 3-dot icon and then select Download QR code. Note that this article’s QR code generation feature does not apply to all types of posts on Facebook. Step 2: Now display the QR code interface of the article for you to share with others. You can click Download to save the QR code as an image. On the phone, you only need the QR-Code scanning application or use the default camera application on iOS 11 or later or Android 10 to use because it has a built-in feature. Now we will have the option to open the article right in the browser on the device in use.