How to install Chrome extensions for the new Microsoft Edge browser

Extensions is kind of like a form of … energy boosters for web browsers, and new Microsoft Edge are no exception. If you are wondering how to download and install the new Microsoft Edge extension, here are some suggestions for you. Step 1: Click on the browser menu extension icon and click on Extension. The Microsoft Edge Extension page appears, click on the Microsoft Store text. Step 2: The Microsoft Extension site will appear. Currently due to the development process, the list of Microsoft Edge Extensions is quite small. However, they are presented in groups of specific functions, so it is easy for you to choose to use. The only downside that Microsoft probably need to address is… the search bar. Step 3: After selecting the extension you need, click “Get”. The dialog box for confirming the addition of the extension appears, click Add extension to confirm the installation. The process of downloading and installing the extension for Microsoft Edge is complete. You can turn on / off, as well as delete the Extension installed in Microsoft Edge through the extension management page of the browser. Install Extension from Google Chrome Store for new Microsoft Edge To install the extension from the Google Chrome Store for Microsoft Edge, please turn ON to select the “Allow extension from other stores” option on the Microsoft Edge extension management page. And to press “Allow” to confirm again the selection. Now go to the Google Chrome Store page and find the extension you need. Click on the Add to Chrome text. Then the confirmation dialog box to install the extension will appear, click on Add extension to confirm the installation. You can manage the extensions installed from Google Chrome Store also at the extension management page of Microsoft Edge. Very simple, right?