Helpful Twitter Tips for Beginners

Useful Twitter Tips for Beginners are what you will find in this article. But first, what is Twitter? Basically, it is a social network known for its micro-blogging feature. It was created with the idea of giving any individual with an SMS service, the ability to communicate with a small group of their making. This would mean you could update your Twitter from anywhere and receive from anywhere. That is why there is a 140-character limit for tweets, because of this SMS aspect of Twitter. Since you are reading this article, it would most likely mean that you are Twitter newbie and are looking for Twitter Tips for Beginners. Outlined below are a number of helpful tips for you to learn and hopefully apply so you would better understand ‘Tweetiquette’. 1. It is common practice to make use of URL-shortening services to make the most out of the 140-character limit in and so you wouldn’t have to waste a number of characters on those long URLs you share in your tweets. Shrink your URL. 2. There is a Direct Messaging function in Twitter that allows you to send a private 140-character message to a ‘follower’. Followers are users that have subscribed to your profile page and are able to ‘follow’ you on Twitter. They would be the people that would be receiving your tweets. 3. Retweet, baby! If you copy someone else’s tweet, it is only proper that you give credit to the original tweeter. You do this by simply putting “RT @name” in front of the tweet you copied and go ahead and retweet. 4. If you want to create a reply to a specific user on Twitter, place an @ sign in front of their Twitter name. This would mean that the first character of your tweet would be the @ sign. Clicking on @Replies from your profile page would show you replies to your own tweets. 5. When tweeting about a popular subject, make sure to place a # sign in front of the subject name. This makes it easy for other users to actually find your tweet on this popular topic. 6. Intending to search for certain people, groups or topics on Twitter?  is just what you need to easily pull this off. Save or bookmark this link. 7. Did I mention that Twitter was created with SMS in mind? Well, Twitter’s creators have definitely done that since Twitter allows you to update your status and receive update via SMS. To enable this feature, go to the ‘Devices’ tab under ‘Settings’ and enter your phone number so you would begin receiving and sending mobile tweets. 8. It is ideal to follow Twitter on a smartphone, if you so happen to have one. Mobile clients make it easy for you to use Twitter on your phone since tweeting through the typical SMS interface could be greatly inconvenient. It is my hope that these Twitter Tips for Beginners be of much help to your Twitter experience!

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