Help with Changing Your Ringtone on Your LG Vortex Android Phone

Do you need help with changing your ringtone on your LG Vortex Android phone? Then this guide will help you. In this guide, I am going to show you two ways to change your ringtone on your LG Vortex Android phone. First, I will show you how to use default ringtones and second, I will show you how to use ringtones you have downloaded. So, let’s get started! On the bottom of your phone is four buttons, not the screen, but the phone. Find the first button which has a square on it and press it. That will pop up a menu at the bottom of your screen. Find the Settings option in that menu and tap it. Now you will see a list of options. In this list, you will need to find the Sound option and tap it. You will again see another list of options. In this list, find the Phone Ringtone option and press it. You will now see all of the ringtones that are on your LG Vortex Android phone. These are the default ringtones. You will need to scroll through the list and find the ringtone you want to use. Then press the ringtone with your finger and tap the OK button at the bottom of the screen. Your new ringtone will then be set. To use ringtones that you download, you will first need to download the ringtones. You can go to VCAST Tones in your applications menu. From there, you can search for a ringtone that you want to download and then download it. Once you download it, go to your downloaded files on your phone and locate the ringtone. Click on the ringtone and select the Set As option. From there, select the Ringtone option and press OK. That will set the new ringtone for you. You can also create your own ringtones using websites and software online. Then you can email them to your phone and set them as your ringtones.