For Anyone Who Is Posting To Free For All Websites You Should Not Waste Your Time

It is hard to believe but these types of sites are still around on the Internet. In the event that any of you are oblivious I am going to explain exactly what a free for all site is. A free for all site is a location where anyone and everyone can submit a link for his or her website. As soon as they first came out, individuals would work with them as a quick and easy method to build links to their sites. Currently posting your links to these sorts of Internet sites can end up getting your site in trouble. This now has turned out to be a thing that is not just a complete waste of time but there are some other reasons this needs to be avoided. I can understand why this is often somewhat tempting to do. Some people may not understand the urge, but I do. This really is so tempting due to the fact that by submitting just once you can end up having your links on thousands of websites. Pretty much every free for all site are part of a circle of sites, and there can virtually be thousands of sites in one network. The thing is these websites are 100% pointless. And to top the fact that these websites are pointless, you may actually find yourself being banned by the search engines. The explanation for this is because when any kind of Internet site ends up getting thousands of links instantly, the search engines recognize that their is something fishy going on. This is obviously not a normal way to be getting your backlinks. That is why Google looks at these types of websites as poor websites. Now since your link is not just posted on one site but possibly thousands this can lead to other issues as well. And by posting your links, whether you know it or not, your giving all the owners of those websites permission to email you. So in fact, in a very small amount of time you might start getting thousands of emails daily. So when you look at it, the only real benefit is going to the people that started up an ffa Internet site to begin with. The fact that there are real simple, and even search engine friendly ways to develop links, it makes me wonder how any of these websites have made it. I understand the value of building links and that it must be done however, if you don’t want to get in trouble you’ll want to stay away from these Internet websites. Just something else you ought to be aware of is to also try to avoid link farms. Link farms can be just as bad for your website as ffa Internet sites. This is basically taking a group of Internet sites and having every one of the websites pointing to all the other websites in the group and also to your main website. Individuals used this approach of link building a little while back and their continue to be men and women doing it today. This is certainly very easy for Google to see and in addition they can end up banning all your sites. In a nutshell keep things on the up and up and remain on Google’s good side and stay away from ffa’s and link farms. Are you using Google Places to help your business increase sales? Believe it or not this is one of the best ways for business owners to increase their online impact in a short about of time! Feel free to call us today in order to find out how this will benefit you on a daily basis.

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