Find my Android: Protect your phone from thieves !!!

Have you ever lost your phone? If yes, what did you do to get it back? Called the police, complained to your parents or did nothing and bought a new one? I lost my Android phone two months ago but now I got it back thanks to an anti-theft tool. There are many tools that help you find your lost Android phone. Some of these apps have features that let you track down your missing phone by triggering it to ring off the hook, allow you to wipe your data from the missing smartphone remotely, send its GPS location to your email, or even snap a photo of the perpetrator as well as record their audio with your Android phone’s microphone. One of the best anti-theft apps that is available now is called Prey. Prey is an app that a lot of people trust. Its purpose is to help you find your phone if it is lost. The Prey anti-theft app has the basic features, including locking your device, finding your phone, or setting off an alarm. Besides, you can take pictures to track down your missing phone and gather network information to see where it has been. Following are steps that can help you install, activate and use the Prey anti-theft app to track your lost Android phone. Let’s check out now and get your device back! Step 1: Go to Google Play to download the Prey anti-theft app. It is available for Linux, Windows, Mac and Android devices. Step 2: Install the app. Note: This requires administrator privileges. A free Prey account lets you monitor up to three devices at once. Step 3: Register If you install the Prey anti-theft software for the first time, you’ll be prompted to create a new user account. Now, go to visit the Prey website to create one. At the Prey website, you click Devices at the top-left of the page to see an overview of the devices the software is protecting for you. If you intend to install the Prey software on other devices later on, you can choose the option to register the new device with your existing user account. Step 4: Specify which reporting options you want to use. Step 5: Activate Prey anti-theft software When your Android device is lost or stolen, you should activate Prey by sending an SMS with the words “GO PREY” in all caps. Then you log into the Control Panel via the Prey web to mark the device as ‘Missing’. The anti-theft app will then gather information about your Android phone based on your config file. Next, it will send you reports showing your phone’s location and other useful information at regular intervals. By default, when a report is received, an email is sent out. This could warn the thief that he is being watched. That’s it! If you have any problems in installing and using the Prey anti-theft app, please feel free to give your comments below.

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