FaceTime with Your Pet While Away from Home with iCPooch

Dogs as they say are man’s best friend. Like a real friend, your pet dog must be taken care of. It’s not just all about feeding it everyday, but it also needs to feel that you are there. Dogs that do not get much time to be with their owners or are far from them may develop separation anxiety. This could change the behavior of the dog. It may not be as happy as before, and it may start biting on things around the house. But if the whole family has a busy schedule, how can you still make your dog feel that you’re there? Thanks to the invention of the then 12 year old girl, Brooke Martin, this could be possible even when you’re not home.

Be There for Your Dog with iCPooch

Brooke’s invention is called the iCPooch. It is a treat dispenser that you can operate remotely using your smartphone. Aside from this, it also has an area where you can place an iPhone on the dispenser so you can talk to your dog on FaceTime. It uses WiFi connection so it must be enabled on your home to use the FaceTime app. With this you could make video calls with your dog so you can see each other and it will feel that you are there. There is no setup required on the iCPooch device as it’s ready to use. The only thing that you have to do is to choose the location where you wish to place it. It should have a good WiFi signal and the spot should be easy for your dog to reach. After all, you will also be giving it treats that it can eat. You must then install the iCPooch app on your smartphone so you can use it to automatically dispense treat and make FaceTime calls that will also be automatically answered at home.

How It All Started

It all started as Brooke’s 8th grade project, which she presented in Startup Weekend Spokane. This is a huge event that new entrepreneurs go to for a chance to get the support in starting their business from the big names in the industry. There were forty presenters and one of them was Brooke. She was the only child in the bunch as all the other 39 presenters were adults. She received the most votes and gained the support of several companies, thus moving the project to the next level. The project is still collecting pledges in order for them to finally release the product in May. Their goal is to reach $20,000, which they were able to surpass. Those who pledge $99 and higher will get one iCPooch and some iCPooch dog cookies. Yes, the team also has their own dog treats, which were tested to be loved by a lot of dogs. But if your dog has another favorite dog treat, that wouldn’t be a problem as you may still use the treats on the iCPooch. The dogs and their owners can now see each other, even while away through iCPooch and FaceTime. What do you think of this new product?

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