Easiest Way to Sync Music to Your Motorola Droid

There are a number of ways to sync music with your Droid, which I previously wrote about here. This is a follow up article for what I believe is the simplest way to get music onto your Motorola Droid. All you need is a simple program called Song Bird. The newest version of which supports seamless Motorola Droid integration. If you have previously been an ipod or iphone user song bird will be super easy for you to use. It looks and works similar to iTunes when it comes to syncing music. But I like to think of Song Bird as iTunes on steroids. I feel a Good analogy with Song Bird is Song Bird is to iTunes as Firefox is to internet explorer. Song Bird is a music player and manager just like iTunes but it has an extensive extensions database like Firefox. Once you have downloaded Song Bird open it up and select folders for it to look for music on your computer and it will automatically start importing all your songs into Song Bird. Also on your initial boot up of Song Bird it will give you a list of suggested add ons to install. Look through these and pick the ones you would like to use but make sure you select, “MSC Device Support” and “MTP Device Support.” Enabling these two add on will allow you to sync pretty much any device to Song Bird for music and videos. I would encourage you later to browse for more add on to improve your song bird experience, especially the skins so you can get it looking exactly how you like it. After your initial set up of Song Bird. it is now times to get your Motorola Droid ready for use. Its fairly quite easy just plug it in. But be sure to not forget that after connecting your phone to your computer via USB cable you need to go into your phone’s notification pull down bar and mount it. Once it is mounted it will show up in Song Bird and you can name your device what ever you may desire. Once you click on your Droid from the Song Bird menu it will look similar to iTunes showing you a little information of your phone and a nice graphical bar showing how much space you are using on your phones storage. On th e”Music” tab you can pick one of 3 ways to sync your Motorola Droid. The first will sync all your music in your Song Bird library (Don’t do this if you have more music then space on your phone) the second is by play list, and the third is manually. If you pick one of the first two each time your phone is plugged in and mounted with Song Bird open it will automatically sync and update playlist and your library on your Droid if you got any new songs since it was last plugged in and synced. Now you have an easy quick way to sync song to your Motorola Droid!