Add A Little Bling To Your Household With These Cool Gadgets

Who said that style and substance can’t be part of the same object? Not us, that’s for sure, we believe that nowadays you can combine practicality with some seriously cool looking appliances and furniture. Gadgets seem to have taken over the modern way of life as we keep lusting after the latest smartphone and computer offerings. But what about introducing this theory into your family home? Well, before you can say ‘Chocolate Teapot’ we are going to show you a few brilliant appliances that will surely turn your home into a real hi-tech palace in the blink of an eye! Transparent TV – This beautiful television was designed by Michael Friebe and we can assure you that it actually looks as awesome as it sounds. Michael has combined the latest TOLED display technology with reliable LCD functionality to create this living room masterpiece. Even when the television is not powered on, it lends an air of elegance and style to any room it occupies. You can use its transparent feature to highlight any type of stylish wall covering backdrop that you like. As soon as the TV is doing its ‘thing’ you will be in awe of the fabulous picture quality on offer. You will be glued to the box until the power off button is hit and them you will be mezmerised by the simple transparent beauty of this state of the art appliance! Floor Plan Light Switch Here is a really sweet design that also combines with a great functionality as well. The Floor Plan Light Switch tackles that old problem of working out which switch actually turns off the light you want to tackle. Many dodgy electricians have set up weird lighting connections that just don’t seem to make sense. The switch plate actually shows you the floor plan and each light is represented on the controller. Simply depress the light that you wish to turn on or off and your wish is the Floor Plan Light Switches command! A really cool gadget that will make bedtime so much easier for frustrated householders everywhere! Door Handle with Self-sterilization System We love this gadget and believe that every home should have one as standard! Door handles can carry a huge amount of germs and how many of us really bother cleaning the door handle on a regular basis. You can easily pick up a potentially lethal virus, such as the latest Influenza bug, by touching an unclean door handle. Well, worry no more as this brilliant device actually sterilizes itself every time it comes into contact with a grubby hand! It uses clever UV technology to zap those unwanted germs into non-existence. After the door has been opened or closes, the handle returns to its original position and is treated to a dose of UV light once more! If only every household had this device, millions of lives would not have been affected by the deadly bird flu! Make Your Home a Better Place! Each of these devices has the potential to make your household a more effective and enjoyable place to live, why not buy all 3 and really give the neighbors something to gossip about? Today’s featured writer, Lyon Higgs, is a dealer of natural stone in Toronto. An ace blogger, his specialty lies in writing about home improvement tips.

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